In the Summer 2017, I started to photograph the Hudson River in Ossining, NY at different times of the day. The collection of these photographs revealed a visual study of the Hudson River and led me to an inquiry on how humans perceive water and light frequencies and its implications.

Refracting, reflecting or even absorbing light waves, analogous to the study of Chakras, the Hudson river enhances the visual and physical perception of light promoting the potential for meditation and healing.

My creative approach to art is a reflection of my culturally syncretic Brazilian heritage, a rich entanglement of aesthetic and religious expressions, combined with Roy Ascott’s vision of technoetic art, which aims to explore consciousness and connectivity through the creative use of technologies.”


“Even though photography is the cote of my artistic practice, independent of any specific medium, I seek to transcend everyday assumptions, physical constraints, and social barriers to reveal the possibilities of different realities coexisting, informing and being informed by one another in the creation of new and unique realities. I think of myself as a storyteller who uses different types of narratives to engage with the perceptions of others.”


“My work–conceptually diverse, technically skilled, frequently humorous, and always quirky–aims to invite, prompt, and provoke the fresh narratives and counter-narratives of those others. I hold an MFA in Computer Art and a PhD in Integrative Art with focus on Human-Computer interactions under the frame of Cybersemiotics.”